Tim Remington

In 1984, Tim became a Pastor in Loma Linda, California. Tim and his wife Cindy also ran a coffee house called “Supreme Bean Coffee House” for years and served the streets of San Bernardino. It was there they became interested in street ministry and the people that are typically ignored; those who have problems with drugs, alcohol, and perversion. In 1985 they began taking people into their home to help them. That has since grown into their Mentor Home Ministry and Good Samaritan Rehabilitation. The street ministry days, from San Bernardino to L.A., taught Tim more about drugs and alcohol than all the education he ever had. Since that time he received his degree in counseling. To Tim however, the degree is much less meaningful than actually leading an addict to Jesus. Now his life consists of Victim Offender Mediation, Family Mediation, and Drug and Alcohol Counseling. He is an executive member of the Community Christian Coalition, and Director of Good Samaritan Rehabilitation drug and alcohol residential facilities.

Strategic Perspectives Conference - 2017

Koinonia Institute presents its 2017 Strategic Perspectives Conference in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Featuring a great line-up of speakers who will both inform and share great testimony to encourage you to have the right Biblical attitude during these troubling times.

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